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This mural is titled Flor Latina and was painted by Alex Rodriguez as part of the Boyle Heights Mural Pilot Program. The mural is located on the corner of Cesar Chavez Ave. and N Fickett Street in Boyle Heights.

Artist’s Statement on the Mural
This mural is an interpretation of the beauty, poise, and confidence that Latin women exude. It pays homage to their struggle and serves as a monument to their perseverance. Throughout history Women have been the bearers of life and have nurture humanity through its toughest times. Wile man reaps, havoc, chaos, wages war and death women harvest hope, peace, love and life.

In this mural Latin women are compared to the beauty and diversity that flowers poses. Latin women are a mixture of all races, come in many, colors, shapes and sizes just like flowers. On the right side of the mural we see a wave of flowers. The flowers represent life in abundance. The wave of flowers slowly transforms into a wave of water that represents the fluidness and power that women exhibit. The main figure in this mural represents charisma and strength. In the background there is a little girl that represents innocence and hope. Clouds appear throughout the mural and are use to interpret the softness of a women. The suns illustrate the radiance and energy that Latin women generate. The moon illustrates the cycle of life and the ability that a woman has to create new life.