Corporate Murals » The World of Lladro - Toonz, Man One, Asylm, Mear and Vyal

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This mural was painted on a 100 foot long construction barricade on Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills. Artists were Toonz, Man One, Asylm and Mear and Vyal. The mural was commissioned by Lladro. ICU Art worked with Gruen Associates on this mural, which was part of a construction barricade mural program sponsored by the City of Beverly Hills. Lladro is a Spanish company that makes hand-crafted porcelain figurines that people collect. We took various examples of these figurines and incorporated them into a mural. The mural was painted on site. The program was started by the City of Beverly Hills to help mitigate any negative impacts of the construction in this prime shopping district and to create excitement for the coming of the flagship store.